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If you experience troubles during the installation, make sure that:

  1. All files are the original Ultima Online ones. If not so, restore the original files (if you have them available), or reinstall Ultima Online, ensuring you have completely deleted the Ultima Online directory before reinstallation (suggested option).
  2. You updated Ultima Online through the launcher. The autopatch window must be free of errors.
    If some errors occurred, try the following steps:
    • Inspect the Ultima Online directory, finding out sub-directory named Patch. If they do exist, delete their content. If there's not a Patch directory, create it by hand.
    • Temporarily disable firewalls and antiviruses.
    • If you are a Windows XP, 2000, 2003 or NT user, be sure that writing privileges on the directory are active.
    Then update again.
  3. You launch Ultima Online through the launcher. The client version (written in the bottom corner of the first screen) must be
  4. You are using the username and the password of your GUL. Note that the password check is case sensitive.

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