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Summoning Rite - The Headless Knight Daily Boss & Felucca Champion Spawn

19/9/2023, 21:59 - TauronStaff

Legend has it that in the dark woods near the city of Umbra, when the mist lifts, strange mysteries begin to happen. The whinny of a horse in the distance and his trot thunder throughout the woods, together with his breathing that sounds like death! In fact, it is said that an ancient knight lived in these areas who died losing her head in a battle in the lost lands! It is said that before falling to the ground, however, he managed to inflict a fatal blow on the very man who had hit him.

One of the necromancers of Umbra, better known as the "Conjurer" has somehow managed to recreate a ritual to summon the ancient knight and lock him away, it is said that some knights of Britannia tried to face him and never returned, do you want can you try to face it too?

More info: here

[Event Mechanics News] The Essence of the Evil One

19/9/2023, 21:57 - TauronStaff

- Defeating one of the Original Champions will give you the chance to activate a portal!
- If the portal is activated in game, a public message will be visible indicating the activation of one of the six portals
- This portal leads to a room defended by a Black Angel Acolyte
- All players will be able to enter the room entrance.
- From the entrance portal those who enter will be positioned in three different access locations.
- In each room there is an exit sparkle that will lead to the relevant champ that activated the boss in three different exit locations.
- Inside the Room it will not be possible to send enemy factions to loss.
- Once you defeat the Angel Acolyte there will be a time limit to exit the room, otherwise you will be thrown out into the Star Room!

The Drops Will Be:

- 100% Essence Fragment (of the Champion you defeated to open the portal)
- Will be able to drop an Acolyte Shroud of 4 special colors (Hooded joinable by the Blackthorn npc)
- You will be able to drop two colors of special disposable Tokuno Pigments in the loot!
- Champ Bosses and the Harrower will still have the chance to drop the crystal upon death!

More info: here

[Event] UODreams Staff - Public Auction

25/8/2023, 19:07 - TauronStaff

UODreams Public Auction: 20 Items including 2 Mystery Box and a Special Watergate Castle (felucca). Other rares and special items will be present at the auction including one old special item! We will meet on 06/09/2023 at 21:30 in the Action building to which you will have access via a moongate at Luna and Britain Bank (felucca)

More info: here

[Event] The Ancient Pagan Forge

29/7/2023, 18:06 - TauronStaff

This ancient manufact founded by the Moonglow Mages after the moongate to Pagan was closed, allow to create magical reagent for make safe our world. In Umbra you can deliver the Pagan Artifact for get points and receive some special reward!!

More info: here

[Event] The Dark Path - Pagan Saga

29/7/2023, 16:57 - TauronStaff

Batlin was cautious this time, he prevented the awakening of our Serpent Pillar in Umbra, but thanks to the great knowledge of the Moonglow Wizards we managed to understand how to access the Dark Path. The only way to access the Dark Path is to use a Serpent Jawbone!

More info: here

[Event] Virtuebane Champion Spawn

29/7/2023, 16:52 - TauronStaff

In the world of Felucca, another Serpent Pillar has been found, it is located in the island of Magincia! The Virtuebane has brought his army back to the island years after its destruction.

We must try to contain the invasion and drive them out!

More info: here


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