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[NEWS] New Quick Start System

21/4/2024, 13:51 - TauronStaff

To allow new users to integrate better and faster on UODreams, the Quick Start System was created. This system grants those who create a new account or a new character useful benefits for the initial phase of the game.

More info: here

[HS UPDATE] Treasure of Khaldun - Champion of the Cult

21/4/2024, 13:49 - TauronStaff

Implementation of the new content, active only on the Felucca facet, part of the Treasure of Khaldun event. The Champion of the Cult, an additional champion spawn inside the dungeon located in the Lost Lands, new Artifacts and dynamics!

More info: here

[HS UPDATE] Wrong Rewamped

21/4/2024, 13:45 - TauronStaff

Con l'implementazione dei Dungeon Rewamp di High Seas, sul facet di Trammel sono stati apportati alcuni cambiamenti, tra cui le creature che lo abitano, la presenza di due nuovi artefatti decorativi rubabili e il sistema delle prigioni, un'inespugnabile labirinto dove i Demoniac Jailor si divertono a torturare i prigionieri.

More info: here

[Event] Siege Of The Abyss & Opening Quest

16/4/2024, 1:27 - TauronStaff

The Siege of the Abyss is a challenge competition, which consists of fighting against the "Shadowgulch the Abyss Devourer"
Only the bravest warriors who manage to defeat him will receive character points with which they can purchase some rewards!

More info: here

[Event] Pink Giant Rabbit - Kill and Drop

26/3/2024, 23:52 - lilithstaff

From the old underground laboratory, locked up for years to avoid contamination with the outside. One of the terrible experiments carried out inside has found an escape route. He managed to get out...

More info: here

[Event] Where are the Painted Eggs???

26/3/2024, 20:00 - lilithstaff

The famous artist of Vesper, in her academy, helped by her students, painted the Easter Eggs to be distributed throughout Sosaria.
The precious cargo ...

More info: here


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