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[Event] 2vs2 Serpent's Hold FIeld of Ice Tournament

3/12/2023, 16:30 - TauronStaff

Here is the 2vs2 Field of Ice!
which will take place into the Serpent's Hold Wall

Which team will win the tournament?

More info: here

[Event] The Essence of the Wisps

19/11/2023, 22:12 - TauronStaff

Strange things are happening on Sosaria, the wisps for some mysterious reason have crystallized and are decreasing day by day. We need to understand what happened to him, we will need to take samples and study them!

More info: here

[Event] Doomsdays V

9/11/2023, 22:10 - TauronStaff

A new edition of Doomsdays is about to begin!

from November 11th to 4:00 pm

More info: here

[Event] The Legend Of Jack O'Lantern

30/10/2023, 15:19 - TauronStaff

It is said that eons ago a blacksmith driven by his lust for alcohol
made a pact with the devil...

Knowing because of his vices and his temptations
the certain end of his soul in the underworld
he decided to trade her with the devil
in exchange for a coin for a "last drink"

More info: here

[Event] Halloween Collection 2023

20/10/2023, 19:25 - TauronStaff

The 2023 Halloween Collection is active, you can purchase one of the following decorative prizes or try your luck with the Secret Halloween Chest, which can reward you with a Costume, one of the new Jack O'Lantern Champion Artifacts or with the special Armor Box!

More info: here

[Event] Jack O'Lantern Champion Spawn

20/10/2023, 19:20 - TauronStaff

In the murky lands of Felucca, the spirit of the creature that most embodies Halloween has already begun to gather its faithful creatures to instill fear in the population. This time, however, we have the opportunity to slow him down by tackling him directly!

There will also be a chance that one of these powerful Artifacts will be released

More info: here


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