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[Event] 3vs3 20th Anniversary Death Tournament

18/5/2023, 20:38 - TauronStaff

Here is the 20th Anniversary tournament
which will take place into the Serpent's Hold Wall

Which team will win the tournament?

More info: here

[Event] Shadows Resurgence

17/5/2023, 22:14 - TauronStaff

The three Shadowlords will be able to appear
only in the "original" Champion Spawn and will appear when the boss of the Champion
will make the appearance of him!

The more difficult the Champion you faced will be
the higher the chance of appearance
of the Shadowlords!!!

More info: here

[Event] In The Name Of Virtue

17/5/2023, 22:11 - TauronStaff

The path of the Righteous is long and arduous, so Lord British said when creating the Avatar Quests! So named to pay homage to the foreigner who, after having immersed himself in this path, by refining all the Virtues managed to defeat the evil Mondain.

The eight companions of the Stranger and of Lord British are in every way trying to maintain order and avoid the collapse of pagans in the void thanks to the Virtues, the quests of the Virtues are eight and will be retrievable every 6 hours with all the characters of the account.

More info: here

[Event] Mondain Revenge - Shard of Darkness

17/5/2023, 22:08 - TauronStaff

We have been searching for my dear friend and our sovereign Lord British for weeks.

Currently as Ruler of Britain I have no choice but to go on a research expedition.
I am aware that leaving our kingdom unguarded could be a gamble but...
Lord British must return to the throne of Britain!!!

More info: here

[Event] [PvP] Vice vs Virtue - Faction War

5/5/2023, 0:27 - TauronStaff

A great battle is ahead in the city of Moonglow!!!

In this battle the four Factions will clash against each other
in 10 vs 10 battles that will determine the winner
each Faction will clash with the other three and...
whoever wins the most battles will be considered the winning Faction!!!

More info: here

[News] Insanity Champion Spawn - Rewamped

15/4/2023, 19:03 - TauronStaff

From tomorrow after the server restart the rewards of the Insanity Champion Spawn will be updated!!!

More info: here


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